"Can artists really modify behavior? This aspect of the piece is what takes it beyond the realm of the techie and into the realm of a cultural critique, real social knowledge, and great art." 
    - Rachel Koper, The Austin Chronicle, 26 August 2005 

"...It's about the 'wow' of capturing the majesty inherent in nature and giving you the chance to revel in it." 
    - Neiman Marcus 2003 Christmas Catalog
   (Mariposa was featured as a fantasy gift in the catalog) 

"Shadow Garden is a lustrous assortment of interactive environments." 
    - Dan Dubno, CBS News, 13 November 2003 

Art? Only Shadows Know for Sure 
    - Brad King - Wired, 6 April 2002. 

"Mine-Control's eerily interactive Shadow Garden... little short of a Tesla coil hooked directly to your cerebellum will blow your mind any further." 
    - Austin Chronicle, 7 March 2002. 

"It was fantastic! Adults loved it and so did kids... I loved that it inspires people to work together." 
     -Peggy Monahan - Director of Exhibits, San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation 

"[Shadow Garden,] my favorite piece in the show made me feel a tremendous sense of awe and child-like playfulness." 
     - Ben Wyrick - Reports from SIGGRAPH 2002 

"The Shadow Garden is a big success! We eventually chased the kids out today and played with it ourselves" 
     -Bas van der Linden - Interactive Organizer, Cinekid, Amsterdam 

"One of the most crowd-pleasing artistic installations in Barcelona." 
    -Carmen Claramunt - Owner, Galería Claramunt, Barcelona 

"The three Shadow Garden activities were a big hit. Both guests and staff thoroughly enjoyed them." 
    -Fred Shroyer - Strong Museum, Rochester, NY